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Jason Seed Stringtet


Members of the Milwaukee and Chicago Symphony Orchestras join pianist Marianne Parker and composer-guitarist Jason Seed to form the Jason Seed Stringtet, which has been performing Jason’s unique chamber music since 2008. The group formed alongside the Independent Music Award-winning Jason Seed Elixir Ensemble, a larger group which had a rock/jazz band sensibility. The more intimate Stringtet now brings Seed’s eclectic collection of classical crossover pieces to a wider audience. Some of the music has been featured on NPR's Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Lake Effect, in the film Everglades of the North and more. With some pieces composed in recognizable traditional forms and others in as yet un-named categories, the music constantly surprises.

JASON SEED composition, guitar
GLENN ASCH  violin, viola


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Linneman's Riverwest Inn, 1000 e Locust friday, FEB 2ND 8PM
Milwaukee, Wi


“I heard this first on the motorway, in driving rain, and felt uplifted by it — but couldn’t wait to get to where I could hear it better. Unlike so much new music, Seed’s repays inspection: one hears new references (and new clever little thoughts from his colleagues) with each hearing. Highly recommended. Buy it.”

CD Review: In the Gallery by Alice McVeigh, Music and Vision (UK classical music blog)

”Guitarist-composer Jason Seed is at home in many branches of music, including jazz, rock and classical. With In the Gallery, he turns to lilting chamber music with the help of Milwaukee and Chicago symphony orchestra members Dan Armstrong, Helen Reich, Glenn Asch, and Scott Tisdel. The rhythms can evoke Argentina’s Astor Piazzolla or the pulse of cool-era jazz, and the melodies are soft as a cat’s paw and just as capable of sharp surprise.”

David Luhrssen, Shepherd Express,
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In the Gallery

by Jason Seed Stringtet

Classical, tango, jazz, and folk music from a country with a sole inhabitant is augmented with a special guest, Yang Wei of the Silk Road Ensemble joins the bass, cello, viola, violin and guitar ensemble on pipa during Where the Corners Meet. 


The Escapist

by Jason Seed Stringtet

Tango, gypsy, classical, and jazz influences meld into music for bass, cello, viola, violin, and guitar on this release.